8 Reasons Why Gift card is Almost Always Better than Cash

Cash or gift cards? This riddle goes on during every single holiday season. If you have a long list of relatives and friends to buy gifts for then, this can be a very challenging question.

Most people have been giving out cash almost every holiday but why don’t you consider gift cards? Gift cards are accepted by many just like cash, but some may have benefits that cannot be found in money.

Below Are A Few Reasons Why Gift card is Almost Always Better than Cash:

1. Nowadays it has become quite easy to purchase gift cards. They are available in nearly every retailer shop or even in stands near you. The retailers love gift cards because they give more profits compared to customers using the money.

2. Gift cards give you that personal feeling since you have to go to the retailer,s store so as to buy it. Besides, you also have to choose from the different gift cards available which show you thought carefully before picking the best.

The fact that you took your time to get the best gift card means a lot to the recipient.

3. Buying gift cards are very beneficial to even the owner of the store since it brings customers who would not have paid a visit to the store if not for the gift cards.

4. The other best reason for using gift cards is that you can spend less than the card recipient may think. Sites such as eBay do sell gift cards cheaper than their worth.

VERY IMPORTANT: Ensure that you do not get conned by paying a delivery fee that would cancel out the savings you had made. Also, do not forget to check the expiry date of the card.

5. If you do not feel comfortable with using eBay, worry not since there are various sites you can use like certificateswap.com and giftcards.com which offer discounts of 10-20% to their customers. Some warehouse clubs like Sam’s Club and Costco also lowers their price to their customers substantially.

6. The most important thing that will make you prefer cards to cash is the fact that you can use them as money in any place for anything you require.

Currently, you get more options of gift cards to choose. American Express card, prepaid Visa or Master Card can be a more flexible option to a particular store card.

7. Even when you are not in the shopping mood, you can easily purchase an e-gift card and send it from the comfort of your living room.

Note: If you decide to use an e-gift card inform the recipient to avoid spam blockers from interfering.

8. There is also a Federal law that ensures the cards do not expire for a minimum of 5 years from the very last day extra money was added onto them.

Below are the main disadvantages of using cash, the reason why you should consider gift cards.

– Though money will always be with us, since it is the economy, once it gets lost there is no way you can recover it.

– Cash is a gift that is quickly forgotten the instant it is used or put with the rest of the bills.


With the above benefits, it is only right to choose gift cards when you think of gift giving.

Note: Prior sending a person a gift card be certain that the recipient is fond of the store since if not the gift card may go unspent.