Free iTunes Gift Card Codes Generator 2017 (new)

The experience of receiving a fine gift from someone dear to you is truly exciting, thrilling and unforgettable. Out of the many gifts that are normally given out to people, iTunes gift cards have gained popularity as a perfect and outstanding gift to give to our beloved friends and families. Despite the occasion on which it is given, be it for Christmas holidays, birthdays, or as a token of gratitude for a kind deed, an iTunes gift card can certainly induce a smile on the receiver’s face. People simply love them.

giftcards-itunes-codes-generator-online-newBut what exactly is an iTunes gift card? Well, think of it as a prepaid token card of a certain denomination that allows the receiver, the person who is being given the gift, to shop for their favorite music, movies, apps, books, or even access different services from the iTunes store and the iBooks store. So in effect, receiving an iTunes gift card codes is similar to receiving free cash, an amount equal to the one credited in the gift card, to be redeemed on the iTunes store. And the good news is that you can use it to buy whatever tickles your fancy on the store.

It can be bought from Apple, and in countless other retailer stores worldwide. In order to redeem the cards, there is a unique code found on the back of the iTunes gift card codes which needs to be inputted at the iTunes store after logging in. The process of redeeming the gift card is rather simple and straight forward. This is the basic procedure that you should follow in order to use the iTunes gift card codes to shop for items on iTunes store.

First, turn over your gift card and you should see a section which is supposed to be scratched off so as to reveal the actual iTunes gift card code. The code is a 16 – digit code which usually begins with the letter X. Next, decide the device with which you will use to redeem it. Typically, you can use one the following devices to redeem the card; your iPhone, iPad, iPod, your Mac or PC, or your android phone.

itunes gift card generator tool 2017If you settle for using your iPhone/iPad/iPod, then the procedure is simple. First, find either the iTunes store, iBook store or App store on the device and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the “redeem” button. Once you tap the redeem button, you will be required to log into the account using your Apple ID. After that, you will be asked to redeem it by choosing one option from the two available ones. The first option is through your device’s camera, and the next option is by manually inputting the 16 digit Itunes gift card code. You can either use the camera on your device to capture the 16 – digit code, or just manually key in the code, it’s really just a matter of preference.

However, the camera option is only limited to certain countries, therefore depending on your geographic location, you should choose the method that is appropriate and most convenient for you. After this, you should tap on the “done” tab and your iTunes store will automatically be credited. You are now ready to shop for your favorite items on the store with your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

In the event that you are using a mac or PC, you should first open iTunes and log in using your Apple ID. Next, choose “Account” from the computer screen. When you click on that window, a drop down box appears with several options, the last one of these options being “redeem.” Click on it and input the 16 digit code that is on the back of your iTunes gift card. After you redeem, your account is credited and you are ready to make purchases on the store. If you are going to be using your Android

If you are going to be using your Android phone, however, all you need to do is open the Apple music app and enter your Apple ID password. After this, tap on the “redeem” option and enter the 16-digit code, and then tap redeem once again. Once your account is credited you can proceed to make your desired purchases.

How much does an it cost? Well, the price ranges anywhere from $10 upwards to as much as $100. If that price sounds too much for you, then you might be pleased to learn that you don’t have to necessarily buy it to use on the iTunes store to access your favorite apps, music or movies. You can actually resort to free codes. These are codes that are generated by online code generators. The authenticity of the codes generated is nothing short of amazing. They work just as precisely and perfectly as the ones obtained from a purchased from authorized store.

itunes free codes 2017There are many online generators that can give you it for free to use. As already mentioned, most of these free codes are absolutely bona fide and genuine, and can successfully be redeemed on the iTunes store for apps, music, movies and books. However, you need to find a credible and reliable code generator that will give you valid codes. To this end, one of the best code generators for generating free iTunes codes is the google play code generator. This generator, which can be accessed through this link, has a proven track record of providing incredible success in generating free codes.

Google play generator allows you to generate free codes worth $10, $25 and $50. The process is very easy as there are absolutely no downloads or complex procedures involved. All you have to do is click on your preferred amount from the three options, and generate it quickly. The whole process is conveniently quite fast, and you can have your free code in just a matter of minutes.

So just in case, you are grappling with financial difficulties, or you just don’t believe in spending cash to buy it, don’t let that stop you from enjoying the music, movies or apps that are abundant on iTunes store. Use the google play generator today and generate free iTunes gift card codes in a reliable, fast and secure way. You can even give the generated code as a gift to a dear one so that they can redeem it from the iTunes store themselves.