How to use and redeem Google Play gift card?

Google Play store is one of the biggest app store offering videos, books and also music subscription services. Millions of people every day download apps for their Android phones and tablets. Using Google Play Gift Card is an easy process and this article will take you through that process.

Firstly, you have to purchase a Google Play Gift Card which can be done online although this is limited to specific countries. If you cannot find these type of gift cards in your country’s stores, try buying it online. There are plenty of websites, where you can easily buy it online no matter the country you live.

They are also made available in myriad places such as game shops, wall mart etc. thus one can purchase it physically and receive the coupon code. Once you purchase it, you have to redeem the code. Redeeming a Google Gift Card is a very simple process.

Secondly, you have to sign into the web address after which you authenticate your account with Google. You can either use your Android smartphone or a web browser to do this. You will then be taken to the redeeming page. Scratch the card’s back side gently with a coin to clearly reveal the code which is the same as in a lottery ticket. Google Gift Cards always come with a special code on every Gift Card you purchase.

The next step is to key in the special code in the ‘text box’ and click ‘redeem’ on the app store or web browser payment section. You will be required to confirm the account you wish to credit the amount with after which you will click ‘confirm’. You will be required to wait for a while as the app connects with your money wallet. After accepting and confirming that is your account, Google will shortly inform you that the amount has successfully been credited to your account. You will then proceed to check your profile’s balance. You can always use the credited amount to make payments worth the money you have in your account. In case you need to purchase more from Google Play Services, you can always buy cards as much as you may wish.

A few things you ought to note is Google Play Gift Cards are not used to make payment for a purchase of any physical items for instance phone accessories and devices. You cannot make a magazine or Android application subscriptions thus they are largely used in making any digital online purchase such as music, books, videos etc. Also, it comes in different denominations in different parts of the world for instance in the United States of America denominations in dollar amount are $15,$10, $50 and $25 while in the United Kingdom it comes in £10, £50 and £25 denominations. It becoming a ubiquitous form of online payments in today’s world.