Why Google play store is better than iTunes app store?

There are two major players in the app industry in the world, Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Android is Google’s mobile operating system while iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system. Both Google Play and iTunes offer apps, music, books, movies, and TV series. But why is Google play store better than iTunes app store?

Here are a number of factors that make Google play store better than iTunes app store.

Social Factor – Google Play Store makes great use of the Google+ social network to demonstrate faster the reactions of users towards an app. However, there are not any social factors on the apps store pages for iOS currently.

The Name and/or Title of an APP – The two app stores allow a different number of characters for the title of the app and also treat these characters differently. The iTunes app store allows for a maximum of 255 characters in the title while Google Play Store allows only 30 characters. However, Google Play Store puts more emphasizes on the title of an app than the iTunes app store. It is therefore of great importance to have the most relevant keywords in the app title in Google Play Store.

Media – Both Google play and iTunes app store allow one to buy movies or even eBooks that are Digital Rights Management (DRM) free. Movies bought on iTunes can only be watched on an Apple device or on a PC using iTunes. However, Google offers its Google Play Movies & TV apps for iOS and also on its eBook reader app. Therefore, any purchased media from Google Play can be watched on any device with a supported web browser and also on Chrome OS, unlike media purchased from iTunes Store.

Market Share – Google has a remarkable market share over Apple in terms of the number of apps and users. Therefore, Google Play store is likely to attract more users for an app than iTunes Store. A study done in 2015 by AppAnnie showed that Google play Store in the study had an estimated downloads of 200 million, while iTunes had an estimated 100 million downloads. This was attributed to the high growth in Android market in most developing countries around the world.

Web Interface – Google Play Store is much more flexible than iTunes Store. In Apple App Store one is required to only use iTunes. Therefore, one needs to download and install a patented client on their PC to get access to iTunes. However, when Google Play Store is used on OS X or on Windows, it relies on a pure web interface. From which it is possible to drive install requests to gadgets and also buy apps thus making the Google Play Store more flexible compared to iTunes.

Reviews and Rating of an APP – Reviews and Ratings play a major role in ranking of an APP. Both Google play and iTunes app store operate and rank reviews and ratings in an almost similar manner. The abuse of reviews and ratings is prohibited on both stores.

Approval Time – In Google play store, the approval of an app is very quicker, mostly in 24 hours, while in apple store it may take more than a week.


In conclusion, these factors play a major role in determining the better app store between Google play store and the iTunes app store. As shown, these two app stores have their own pros and cons. However, Google play store proves to have more advantages than disadvantages and therefore better than iTunes app store.