4 Reasons Why Gift Cards Are Great

Gift cards are an old favorite when it comes to birthdays and the holiday season. Whilst almost everyone has probably received a gift card at least once, they are still hugely under appreciated as a present. Some people might say that they aren’t personal enough, or that they’re a cheap option, but read on to see why that just isn’t true!

1. If you’re unsure what to get for that picky loved one

best gift cardsI’m sure everyone has been there, you’re stood in the aisle of a shop and you suddenly can’t think of a single hobby or interest of the person you’re buying for. That’s where gift cards come in, all you have to do is pick a gift card, pick an amount to spend on the gift and then you’re done! You can skip the hours of browsing and you don’t have to worry that you’ve bought the wrong size or color! Which brings me on to our next point.

2. There’s a gift card for everyone!

You can buy gift cards for pretty much anything and everything these days, from online downloads for music or games, to cards for clothing shops, grocery stores or toy shops. Whether you’re buying a gift for a colleague or helping newlyweds start their lives together, there will be the perfect gift card out there. Instead of spending weeks trying to figure out how to find personalized gifts for the whole family you could instead pick their favorite stores and let them get anything they want. This is most useful if you like to avoid those moments when someone is definitely pretending to like a present!

3. They can help you stick to a budget

During the holiday season, and even in the run up, the most important thing should be spending time relaxing with your loved ones, and not having to stress about gift buying and budgets. If you like to shop, there’s a good chance that you have walked into a store knowing what you’re going to get, and then by the time you’ve left the store you’re not sure why you’ve bought a discounted toaster when you already have one at home. With gift cards you choose the amount that you want to spend, so you can set a limit per person if you have a tight budget, and then you can ensure you’re within budget at all times. Perfect if you love a good impulse buy but can’t really afford to splash out. It’s also handy if you only need a small present for something like a retirement present for a colleague, as most stores carry gift cards in various increments.

4. It won’t be left unused in a cupboard

The worst part of birthdays or a holiday is usually the mess afterwards, you have more wrapping paper and cardboard than any one person should own, and then there’s the task of finding space for all of your new gifts. If you want to get someone a present and ensure that it won’t be tossed into storage or left under a bed, a gift card is the perfect way to do this. It’s essentially handing someone money, but in a more tactful way, and while some people might joke that gift cards are lazy, I guarantee if you handed them a loaded gift card it wouldn’t take them long to run to the store!