About The Team


and welcome to giftcardcoder.com! Let me introduce our team. We are web developers traveling across the world. Currently, we are staying in Chang Mai, Thailand. Our team consists of five ultimate internet marketing warriors.

We work in different marketing fields. Some of us do Native Advertising campaigns, some of us use Facebook ads, some of us only do programming work plus SEO. During our free time, we try to create as much value as possible. We create free online tools to help other people complete various tasks – resize images, convert images, count letters in text and etc.

Team members:

  • Jim a.k.a. RobertDeniro890
  • Charles a.k.a. Tintintin
  • Peter a.k.a. then0t0ri0us
  • Kevin a.k.a. lizzzard
  • Al a.k.a. alpacino

We, as a team, attending in various internet marketing conferences and meet-ups around the world, such as Affiliate Summit Marketing Conference, Affiliate World Asia, Affiliate Summit.